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What Is Ketamine Hcl

Ketamine (K) is a non-benzodiazepine sedative that is used to treat acute pain, as well as cause anesthetic effects during and after surgery. This medication belongs to the group of drugs called dissociative anesthetics, which produce unconsciousness by impairing the function of the parts of the brain that control thinking, feeling and self-awareness

If you are looking for a safe yet powerful alternative to prescript painkillers, ketamine is the answer. In fact, when it comes to treating chronic pain, ketamine has been shown to be more effective than drugs like morphine. This is why it’s great for those who are suffering from chronic conditions like cancer and multiple sclerosis … .

Using ketamine to treat depression and anxiety disorders is nothing new. For decades, doctors have used ketamine to treat both conditions. However, recent advancements in drug delivery have opened the door for ketamine to become an effective way of treating depression. This paper will address these advancements and how they apply to treatment of depression with ketamine.

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